The Parish covers a large area that wraps around the east side of Grantham. It includes Londonthorpe, Alma Park, The Spinney Estate, Harrowby, Prince William Of Gloucester Barracks and the area of Bridge End Road Estate East of the town boundary.

Nearly four thousand people are on the electoral roll for the Parish, this was increasing weekly as the Spinney Estate continued to grow. This has obviously now stopped as the site has been completed.

The Parish is served by the one Church of St. John the Baptist in Londonthorpe. Primary schooling within the Parish is provided by the Belmont Community School on Harrowby Lane. Other schools are situated just inside the town boundary.

Londonthorpe did have our only Post Office, unfortunately this closed in 2008. Shops can be found on Alma Park Road including a Fish and Chip shop, Newsagents, Hairdressers and Electrical repair shop.

On Sunningdale the Convenience mini market opened in 2008. In one of the smaller units Frydays Fish & Chip shop operates, this was joined by a ladies hairdressers in 2016.

Being one of the Grantham Districts main light industrial estates, Alma Park provides employment for several hundred occupants of the Parish.
Belton Park Golf Club lies wholly in the Parish as does Kesteven Rugby Club.

We are lucky to have the Woodland Trusts, Londonthorpe Alma Park Wood within our parish. This provides a large recreational area for parishioners and for visitors from further afield. In conjunction with the Woodland Trust we run a Working Party within these woods keeping the rides open.

At the Somerby Hill end of the Parish plans are in place for a major development of up to 4000 homes. Part of the development will be the Southern Relief Road linking the A1 to the A52 Somerby Roundabout. SKDC have held numerous public consultations  showing the outline plans, parishioners have made many suggestions and had questions answered at these events. The Parish Council have had  SKDC planning officers and displays at their Annual Open Evenings allowing parishioners chance to consult. Councillors have taken this opportunity to get the feeling of parishioners, to use in our consultations with SKDC. We are now informed the work should be complete on the road by 2022.

Also on Bridge End Road a planning application was put in for 250 homes between the Army Camp and the Eatch's Estate. The Parish Council had grave concerns about this development due to possible flooding of the homes on the Eatch's Estate. Properties already suffer with flooded gardens from the present run-off. We were disappointed as it was passed at a later date with amendments.